My Story

A little about who I am as a designer,
and a human.

My introduction to design was with architecture. (I'm the one on the sidewalk looking up.) Appreciating how buildings are constructed helped me understand the awesome interior spaces they create.

Sagrada Familia Interior Nave by Kah-Wai Lin
424 FIFTH featured in

Fashion took my knowledge of designing 3-dimensionally, and pushed me to think in a 4th dimension: movement. A garment needs to appeal to the user on the hanger, but needs to truly delight her when she wears it in real life.

Discovering UX inspired me to shift my path. There's a strong correlation between fashion and digital design, which is clear in the overall process. My experience designing for the user, partnering with technicians, collecting feedback, iterating style details, and collaborating with teammates to launch product season after season gave me a great foundation to build on.

NYC Open Records Hackathon
First Coding Project

To be a great fashion designer, you need to understand how patterns are created and how garments are constructed. Translating the tech element to UX means that learning to code helps me be a better digital designer. It also makes me a better teammate, able to communicate in a common language.

Tracking style and culture trends is an integral aspect of fashion, and likely led to my fascination with artificial intelligence as I shifted to digital design. It started with a collection of articles, and is now an ongoing research project. is about discovering what new skills, language or approaches designers need to create a better user experience with AI.

Partnering with science for a better UX
Skydiving in Seville

Being challenged brings out the best in me, and UX has provided an amazing place to push myself in the creative process.  Finding new ways to see the world increases my ability to empathize and design for ever-evolving technology.

If you'd like to see more details about my previous experience, check out my fashion work or my resume below. You can always reach me at Thanks for stopping by!

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